Monday, 13 June 2011

Who is this?

I'm cheekily reviving a post from last year because this puzzle is still unsolved! All suggestions very gratefully received.

I've added another cup to my lithophane collection. There's a problem, though: I don't know whom it depicts. The front of the cup has a monogram of JW and the dates 1870-1911, but I'm afraid that hasn't helped me much.

Does anyone have any idea who this might be?


Anonymous said...

Joseph Conrad, perhaps?

CarolineLD said...

There is a resemblance, but the moustache doesn't seem quite right. Not sure how the initials/dates would fit in?

Anonymous said...

Both the initials/dates are an obvious problem...In mitigation, I can only suggest, that the chap in question looks an awfully lot older than 41.

CarolineLD said...

The dates must relate to his career, I think, because I agree that he looks older than 41. It's a shame, because it makes lists of people born/buried in a particular year useless. I feel doomed never to find out the answer!

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